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In 2007, I asked a DAIHATSU dealer look for this color, and this ESSE which was used as a test drive car at another dealer, came to my home. It's only for weekend shopping and strolling neighborhood, but it's fun! I couldn't stand it, and after all, I had customized it.

6. 23th Street Car Nationals

E:2020.05.26 / W:2009.04.26

5. Front spoiler

Entr:2020.05.25 / Work:2009.04.19
Add front spoiler 07

I got the front spoiler for Esse Custom, so I repaired the scratches, painted it, and put it on. The strange thing is that the shapes of the left and right mounting parts are different. What's this mean ?? Since the fog lamp is standard equipment in the custom, its part is rounded, but I wonder if it would be not bad even without the fog lamp.

4. Lower it further

E:2020.05.24 / W:2009.04.04

3. Height adjustable suspension

E:2020.05.23 / W:2009.03.29

2. MOONDISC & Home made White Ribbon

E:2020.05.22 / W:2009.03.22

1. ESSE came to our home!

E:2020.05.17 / W:2007.08.03

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