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21. Position lamp function

(E:2020.09.09 / D:2020.04.11)

A position lamp function is added to the side blinker lamp. The side blinker lamp has been changed from a single bulb to a double bulb, and the wiring for fog lamps has been diverted. Therefore, the position lamp function can be switched on/off with the indoor fog lamp switch.

20. to white number plate

(E:2020.09.07 / D:2020.04.03-05)

19. Reflective seals on the bottom

(E:2020.09.05 / D:2020.03.22)

18. Reflective seals on the top

(E:2020.09.03 / D:2020.03.15)

17. MOON DISC again

(E:2020.09.03 / D:2020.02.15)

16. Grand effects refitting

(E:2020.09.02 / D:2020.02.09-15)

15. White wheel & ribbon tire

(E:2020.09.01 / D:2020.02.02)

14. Body stripe upgrade

(E:2020.08.31 / D:2020.01.13, 18)

13. Line to bonnet again

(E:2020.08.16 / D:2018.10.21)

12. Reset (all paint except roof)

(E:2020.08.14 / D:2018.09.02)

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