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74' VW Type-2 LateBay BUS

In 2013, I got the long-awaited VW bus (luckily Yanase's right-hand steering camper !!), so I'm recording about my favorite customize and modifications suitable for camping and traveling in the car. It's still going on ...

127. Rear panel sheet

E:2019.10.02 / W:2019.08.14

126. Spot Cooler install 1st try

Entry:2020.08.26 / Work:2019.08.11
Spot Cooler install 1st try 07

There are hanging coolers for the BUS on the market but for various reasons I don't want to use that type. So, I tried the spot cooler. The result is not good!!

Although the cool air comes out considerably, and the outlet side is cooled, but the exhaust heat duct and the main body are very hot!! The temperature inside the BUS is ± 0...

I think it fitted physically well, but my idea which it can ​​cooling the inside of the BUS if the exhaust can be guided to the outside has shattered.

I thought to load it on the front and put only cold air into the car from the fresh air intake, but it is big and too heavy, so it not realistic...

125. DC-AC inverter and line auto selector

E:2020.01.03 / W:2019.08.11

124. Uchiyama farm camp site 2019

E:2020.08.25 / W:2019.07.14←13

123. Folding table maintenance

E:2019.12.19 / W:2019.07.06

122. Added push rod seal and pad

E:2019.12.12 / W:2019.07.06

121. Push pod & pin replacement

E:2019.12.11 / W:2019.07.06

120. Flash Bugs Meeting vol.36

E:2020.08.24 / W:2019.05.13

119. Bluetooth audio update

E:2019.12.08 / W:2019.03.31

118. Grease up the front axle beam

E:2019.12.03 / W:2019.03.24

117. 2nd Car Meeting

E:2020.08.22 / W:2019.03.21

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