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74' VW Type-2 LateBay BUS

In 2013, I got the long-awaited VW bus (luckily Yanase's right-hand steering camper !!), so I'm recording about my favorite customize and modifications suitable for camping and traveling in the car. It's still going on ...

146. Front blinker lens

Entry:2020.12.19 / Work:2020.12.18←11.08
Front_blinker_lens 05

A front blinker lens on the right side was cracked, so I replaced it with a genuine new lens. But the color is deep! Rather, the first one installed must have faded.

There was a considerable difference between the left and right, so I tried painting a clear orange paint from the inside of the left lens, but it seems darker than the new one...

After all, I bought a new genuine lens on the other side and replaced it too. :-|

145. Headlight and LED bulb

E:2020.12.17 / W:2020.12.17

144. Position lamp function

E:2020.12.13 / W:2020.12.05

143. License light lens replace

E:2020.11.28 / W:2020.11.08

142. Headlight cleaning

E:2020.10.10 / W:2020.09.19

141. Genuine type side strips

E:2020.09.30 / W:2020.08.03

140. Front floor mat renewal

E:2020.09.25 / W:2020.08.02

139. Tie rod end replacement

E:2020.09.14 / W:2020.05.30

138. Power steering

E:2020.05.06 / W:2020.05.03

137. Electronic ignitor

E:2020.04.30 / W:2020.04.29

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