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74' VW Type-2 LateBay BUS

16. Clinometer custom

15. 1st Camp by our BUS!! 2013

2020.06.06 / worked in 2013.09.23
1st Camp by our BUS! 03

When we went camping for the first time in May, the engine broke down on a highway along the way and the BUS were hospitalized at the nearest VW shop... And finally I was able to go to the first camp! But it was raining (T_T). Even so, we had a good time in our bus. This is good!! (^_^)

14. Under Dashboard Parcel Shelf

13. Main & Sub battery monitor

12. Felt channel replaced

11. Change the steering wheel

10. Renew door panel & grab handle

9. Side sill strip at the sliding door

8. Use relays for back to the original brightness

7. Renew kickboard and update shift lever

6. Folding table setup

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