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74' VW Type-2 LateBay BUS

53. Cars Mask partial change

(E:2019.08.10 / D:2016.04.10)

52. MSD DIGITAL 6A install

(E:2020.06.16 / D:2016.03.19)
MSD DIGITAL 6A install 03

I got a second hand MSD and installed it to the BUS. The ignition cable has been updated accordingly. I'm not feel a power up, but the idling was very stable even at low revs, and the exhaust sound was became a little thicker.

51. To backward the rear bumper

(E:2020.06.15 / D:2016.02.20)

50. Engine room light

(E:2019.08.06 / D:2016.02.20)

49. Banyan pot fixed hook

(E:2019.08.04 / D:2016.01.30)

48. Update the room light to LED

(E:2019.08.03 / D:2016.01.24)

47. Exhaust muffler extension pipe

(E:2019.08.02 / D:2016.01.10)

46. Reverse direction of the muffler

(E:2019.08.01 / D:2015.12.06)

45. Muffler direction reversing adapter

(E:2019.07.31 / D:2015.11.28)


(E:2019.07.30 / D:2015.11.08)

43. 2015' Halloween cruise

(E:2019.10.10 / D:2015.10.31)

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