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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン エッセ アイコン


72. Fureai-Village VW Camp 2017

E:2020.07.23 / W:2017.05.07←05

71. Adapter for genuine wheel cap

Entry:2019.08.21 / Work:2017.04.15←07
VW TYPE2 LateBay WESTFALIA : Adapter for genuine wheel cap. 13

Because I wanted to attach the VW genuine wheel cap to the BENZ genuine 15-inch iron wheel, I bought a drilling machine and combined it with a hexagonal long nut, a general-purpose crankstay, and a nylon cable clamp to make an adapter. The outer nylon clamp holds the cap with excellent elasticity.This Tire is YOKOHAMA GEOLANDAR H/T G056 ( 195/80R15 107/105L). 

70. Improved Gas stove storage

E:2019.08.20 / W:2016.12.25

69. Clinometer set up

E:2019.08.19 / W:2016.12.11

68. Improvement of clinometer

E:2019.08.18 / W:2016.12.04

67. Ohira-mountain VW Camp 2016

E:2020.07.19 / W:2016.11.27←26

66. Street VWs JAMBOREE 2016

E:2020.07.17 / W:2016.11.13

65. 2016' Halloween Cruse

E:2019.10.13 / W:2016.10.31

64. VW CMC 16th East Meeting

E:2019.10.12 / W:2016.10.10

63. Fureai Vilage VW Camp 2016

E:2020.06.28 / W:2016.09.19←17

62. Making a Awning frame 2

E:2019.08.17 / W:2016.09.17←11

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