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Car & Bike

74' VW Type-2 LateBay BUS

10. Change the steering wheel

9. Side sill strip at the sliding door

2020.06.01 / worked in 2013.07.28
Side sill strip at the sliding door 01

Originally there was a plastic cover and a bar to hold the aluminum carpet at the entrance where the slide door was opened, but both were considerably damaged, so the white cover made of resin is a white seal sheet. For the carpet retainer, I diverted an aluminum cable cover was cut.

8. Use relays for back to the original brightness

7. Renew kickboard and update shift lever

6. Antenna, door handle and sun-visor renewal

5. Folding table setup

4. Seat-base & upholstery renewal

3. Floor maintenance and carpet renewal

2. Renew front rrubber mat & seat belt

1. BUS Life start !!

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