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74' VW Type-2 LateBay BUS
In 2013, I got the long-awaited VW bus (luckily Yanase's right-hand steering camper !!), so I'm recording about my favorite customize and modifications suitable for camping and traveling in the car. It's still going on ...

114. Car Inspection

E:2019.12.01 / W:2019.02.25

113. Carburetor Tuning

Entr:2019.11.30 / Work:2019.01.27

The negative pressure gauge and the tachometer worked well! The carburetor was able to get in sync!! Engine sound changes, stable at low rotation, high rotation side has became better to rotate well!!

112. Mission replace

E:2019.11.18 / W:2018.12.23

111. Engine removal for change the mission.

E:2019.11.17 / W:2018.12.17

110. Ryukakusan can shift knob

E:2019.11.05 / W:2018.12.09

109. Shift rod maintenance

E:2019.11.04 / W:2018.12.01

108. TeaBREAK 20th (2018)

E:2020.08.19 / W:2018.11.25

107. Winter camp in KITA-KARUIZAWA.

E:2020.08.18 / W:2018.11.22←18

106. Street VWs JAMBOREE 2018

E:2020.08.17 / W:2018.11.11

105. Number Circle

E:2019.11.03 / W:2018.11.10

104. Deep scratc repair

E:2019.10.31 / W:2018.11.03

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