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74' VW Type-2 LateBay BUS

134. Bone arm sticker

(E:2020.01.13 / D:2020.01.12)

133. VW friends camp in Sekishuku

(E:2020.08.30 / D:2019.12.15-16)
VW friends camp in Sekishuku 14

I enjoyed camping at Sekijuku Aozora Park with my VW friends.
It's a very nice place. It is a public park, but you can use it for camping if you apply. The weather was nice, some people met after a long absence, and it was fun to see guys ( join by Old Ford!). Also, I was asked to cover the outdoor magazine "BE-PAL" and was filmed on the second day of the camp. It was published in the March 2020 issue. v (^^)w

132. BUS Adventure 2019

(E:2020.08.29 / D:2019.11.12)

131. Pumpkin high mount lamp

(E:2020.01.07 / D:2019.11.02 ← 2015.12.29)

130. Entry to Go mountain VWs 4

(E:2020.08.27 / D:2019.10.06)

129. Brake servo install

(E:2020.01.06 / D:2019.09.21)

128. Spot cooler install 2

(E:2020.01.05 / D:2019.09.01)

127. Rear panel sheet

(E:2019.10.02 / D:2019.08.14)

126. DC-AC inverter and line auto selector

(E:2020.01.03 / D:2019.08.11)

125. Spot Cooler install 1st try

(E:2020.08.26 / D:2019.08.11)

124. Uchiyama farm camp site 2019

(E:2020.08.25 / D:2019.07.13-14)

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