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74' VW Type-2 LateBay BUS

In 2013, I got the long-awaited VW bus (luckily Yanase's right-hand steering camper !!), so I'm recording about my favorite customize and modifications suitable for camping and traveling in the car. It's still going on ...

140. Front floor mat renewal

E:2020.09.25 / W:2020.08.02

139. Tie rod end replacement

Entry:2020.09.14 / Work:2020.05.30

When I turned the steering wheel, a click sound and vibration were transmitted from the steering wheel, so I asked a VW shop to check it, but it took time, so I checked it myself. The result was that the inside of the left edge of the tie rod was rattling. I had a tie rod end puller, so I prepared four tie lot ends and replaced them. The result is perfect, there is no unusual noise, and you can rest assured.

138. Power steering

E:2020.05.06 / W:2020.05.03

137. Electronic ignitor

E:2020.04.30 / W:2020.04.29

136. License plate line

E:2020.09.08 / W:2020.04.12

135. Decoration line to a BUS body

E:2020.03.15 / W:2020.02.29

134. Bone arm sticker

E:2020.01.13 / W:2020.01.12

133. VW friends camp in Sekishuku

E:2020.08.30 / W:2019.12.16←15

132. BUS Adventure 2019

E:2020.08.29 / W:2019.11.12

131. Pumpkin high mount lamp

E:2020.01.07 / W:2019.11.02←2015.12.29

130. Entry to Go mountain VWs 4

E:2020.08.27 / W:2019.10.06

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