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74' VW Type-2 LateBay BUS

In 2013, I got the long-awaited VW bus (luckily Yanase's right-hand steering camper !!), so I'm recording about my favorite customize and modifications suitable for camping and traveling in the car. It's still going on ...

94. Seat side pocket

E:2019.09.17 / W:2018.07.08

93. Rear speaker upgrade

Entry:2019.09.16 / Work:2018.06.24
Rear speaker upgrade 08

Added acoustic network (for BOSE 501X shadow base box) to rear speaker (BOSE 301 woofer). The backward speaker above the head is the tweeter of the BOSE 301... this is a just extra.

92. Front speaker upgrade

E:2019.09.15 / W:2018.06.23

91. Ohira-mountain VW Camp 2018

E:2020.08.11 / W:2018.06.03←02

90. Tail light guards

E:2019.09.14 / W:2018.05.01

89. Front mount carrier for bicycle

E:2019.09.09 / W:2018.04.22←20

88. Replace clutch wire & clevis pin

E:2019.09.08 / W:2018.04.06

87. Glove box partition

E:2019.09.07 / W:2018.03.31

86. Upgrade to dual carburetor!

E:2019.09.06 / W:2018.03.15

85. Relocation of the digital oil gauge

E:2019.09.04 / W:2018.02.25

84. Insulation board for window glass

E:2019.09.02 / W:2018.02.10

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