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In 1989, I got this cabriolet second hand (It's 1986 model). I left it at my parent's house for about 10 years and got it back in 2007 when I bought land and house. This is a record of repairs and modifications since that time.

20. Rear bumper&under skirt remake

E:2020.09.11 / W:2020.05.10←05

19. Change the side skirt

Entr:2020.09.10 / Work:2020.05.09←04
Change the side skirt 18

For the side skirt, I used to use National's residential rain gutters. Therefore, the edge was too tight and the side inclination was opposite to the front and rear bumper bottoms, so I thinking to improve it a long time. So, this time, I decided to use the side skirts for other models that I had obtained before.

Cut according to the length of the side sill and join the cut surfaces. I applied a soldering iron to the paper clip from the back side, embedded it while melting the resin side, and attached the plate of the same material.

On the front side, the staple of the stapler was folded and embedded with a soldering iron as in the case of the paper clip. After confirming the mounting method and position on the body in advance, putty is put on the joint part, the surface is prepared and painted with the body color.

The fixing method is to screw the front and rear wheel house side and use double-sided tape for the side sill. It fits slightly higher than the jack-up point. The side tilt and overall shape are good!

18. Wiring repair to fuel pump

E:2020.05.15 / W:2020.05.02

17. Height Adjustable Suspension

E:2020.05.14 / W:2019.04.21

16. Tire replace to 165/45/15inch

E:2020.08.23 / W:2019.04.15

15. Wastegate actuator maintenance

E:2020.08.21 / W:2019.04.07

14. 2nd Car Meeting

E:2020.08.22 / W:2019.03.21

13. Gas charge for cooler

E:2020.05.10 / W:2018.06.01

12. Muffler replace

E:2020.05.09 / W:2018.05.26

11. Wheel cap install

E:2020.07.18 / W:2016.11.20

10. Twin ring Motegi meeting 2015

E:2020.06.13 / W:2015.10.18

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