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In 1989, I got this cabriolet second hand (It's 1986 model). I left it at my parent's house for about 10 years and got it back in 2007 when I bought land and house. This is a record of repairs and modifications since that time.

36. Wheels 15inch → 16inch

E:2020.11.01 / W:2020.09.27

35. Clear blinker lens (Rear)

Entry:2020.10.30 / Work:2020.09.12←08.03

I finally make true the clear lens of the tail lamp blinker part that I had imagined for many years! Disassemble the original tail lamp unit, cut it leaving the winker lens part, fix it with oil clay, first take a male mold with silicon, turn it over to take a female mold, pour polyester resin into it, and mold a transparent lens.

The LEGO block is very useful for this molding work. The size can be changed freely, it has strength, it can be separated and used again when taking out the mold, and it is perfect for the formwork material!

The silicon was agitated at the specified ratio (even if slightly different) and solidified in one day. Even if the polyester was left for a few days to a week, the surface was sticky and fingerprints were firmly attached when it was opened, but when it was left outdoors for a few days, the surface also hardened. When it is peeled off from the mold, the stickiness becomes wrinkled and it hardens as it is, so I used sandpaper to get used to it and polished it with a compound.

To incorporate the clear turn signal lens into the tail lamp unit, this time, I cut the orange turn signal part, leaving the brake lamp part of the original lens, and attached it to the tail lens shell for each. To make it easier to replace only the clear lens when it turns yellow, the lenses are not glued together and a reflective tape is attached on the mating line.

Polyester seems to shrink a little, and the width is a little short (does not bother me). Later, I learned that adding an ultraviolet absorber etc. would reduce the deterioration, so after this, I try making more than one and replace them if they are in good condition.

Then, I got a small sequential turn signal unit before, and when I tried it on the tail lamp shell, the size and shape was perfect, so I adopted it. It's short enough to make you laugh, but it's good!! (^_^)

34. CITY name plate

E:2020.10.24 / W:2020.09.06

33. 16inch wheel custom

E:2020.10.17 / W:2020.08.30

32. To multi reflector headlights

E:2020.09.27 / W:2020.08.26

31. Paint the air cleaner cover

E:2020.09.26 / W:2020.08.14←09

30. Front bumper&spoiler repaint

E:2020.09.24 / W:2020.08.09←07.18

29. Front grill repaint

E:2020.09.23 / W:2020.07.25

28. Bonnet&striker cleaning

E:2020.09.22 / W:2020.07.12

27. Wire tuck right side

E:2020.09.21 / W:2020.07.10←06.28

26. Rust hole repair

E:2020.09.19 / W:2020.06.24←08

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