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In 1989, I got this cabriolet second hand (It's 1986 model). I left it at my parent's house for about 10 years and got it back in 2007 when I bought land and house. This is a record of repairs and modifications since that time.

6. Wheel & Tire change

E:2020.05.28 / W:2011.10.08

5. Side skirt (Rain gutter)

Entry:2020.05.10 / Work:2008.07-08
divert a rain gutter to a side skirt. 11

I had divert a rain gutter (for house) to a side skirt. I cut it according to the length of the side sill, attached an end parts, painted and attached it to CITY. Only this topic in 2008.

4. Closed two holes

E:2020.05.09 / W:2007.06.15

3. Soft top repair

E:2020.05.09 / W:2007.06.03

2. Grand effect restart

E:2020.05.06 / W:2007.04.01

1. My CITY CABRIOLET is back!

E:2020.05.06 / W:2007.02.04

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