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Car and Bike
シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン エッセ アイコン


8. 2012, at home parking lot

E:2020.05.31 / W:2012.10.21

7. CITY Meeting 2011 @Suzuka Circuit

Entry:2020.05.29 / Work:2011.11.23
HONDA CITY CABRIOLET TURBO : CITY Meeting 2011 @Suzuka Circuit  15

CITY owners gathered at Suzuka Circuit from all over Japan. Unfortunately it rained, but everyone went around the circuit. Fortunately, My CITY is in the front row center position, which is even more pleasing than the pole position!! 

6. Wheel & Tire change

E:2020.05.28 / W:2011.10.08

5. Side skirt (Rain gutter)

E:2020.05.10 / W:2008.07-08

4. Closed two holes

E:2020.05.09 / W:2007.06.15

3. Soft top repair

E:2020.05.09 / W:2007.06.03

2. Grand effect restart

E:2020.05.06 / W:2007.04.01

1. My CITY CABRIOLET is back!

E:2020.05.06 / W:2007.02.04

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