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In 1989, I got this cabriolet second hand (It's 1986 model). I left it at my parent's house for about 10 years and got it back in 2007 when I bought land and house. This is a record of repairs and modifications since that time.

17. Height Adjustable Suspension

E:2020.05.14 / W:2019.04.21

16. Tire replace to 165/45/15inch

Entry:2020.08.23 / Work:2019.04.15
Tire replace to 165/45/15inch 04

To further reduce the vehicle height, the wheel size has been changed from 175/55/15inch to 165/45/15inch. The last replacement was in 2011, the DUNLOP ENASAVE EC202, this time AUTOWAY's Economist ATR-K 75V XL, cheap, but not bad. The shape of the rim guard is similar to the one I used to wear.

15. Wastegate actuator maintenance

E:2020.08.21 / W:2019.04.07

14. 2nd Car Meeting

E:2020.08.22 / W:2019.03.21

13. Gas charge for cooler

E:2020.05.10 / W:2018.06.01

12. Muffler replace

E:2020.05.09 / W:2018.05.26

11. Wheel cap install

E:2020.07.18 / W:2016.11.20

10. Twin ring Motegi meeting 2015

E:2020.06.13 / W:2015.10.18

9. Cooler compressor belt replacement

E:2020.06.02 / W:2013.08.24

8. 2012, at home parking lot

E:2020.05.31 / W:2012.10.21

7. CITY Meeting 2011 @Suzuka Circuit

E:2020.05.29 / W:2011.11.23

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