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21. Screw holes for the front grill

(E:2020.09.12 / D:2020.05.16)

20. Rear bumper&under skirt remake

(E:2020.09.11 / D:2020.05.05-10)
Rear bumper repaint & under skirt remake 17

Along with the repainting of the rear bumper, the underskirt has also been remade. The painted surface of the rear bumper was cracked, so I repainted it, and the underskirt was actually a genuine bumper that was turned over and cut, so I remade it and reviewed the cut line. I also adjusted the angle of the muffler end.

19. Change the side skirt

(E:2020.09.10 / D:2020.05.04-09)

18. Wiring repair to fuel pump

(E:2020.05.15 / D:2020.05.02)

17. Height Adjustable Suspension

(E:2020.05.14 / D:2019.04.21)

16. Tire replace to 165/45/15inch

(E:2020.08.23 / D:2019.04.15)

15. Wastegate actuator maintenance

(E:2020.08.21 / D:2019.04.07)

14. 2nd Car Meeting

(E:2020.08.22 / D:2019.03.21)

13. Gas charge for cooler

(E:2020.05.10 / D:2018.06.01)

12. Muffler replace

(E:2020.05.09 / D:2018.05.26)

11. Wheel cap install

(E:2020.07.18 / D:2016.11.20)

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