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In 1989, I got this cabriolet second hand (It's 1986 model). I left it at my parent's house for about 10 years and got it back in 2007 when I bought land and house. This is a record of repairs and modifications since that time.

31. Paint the air cleaner cover

E:2020.09.26 / W:2020.08.14←09

30. Front bumper&spoiler repaint

Entry:2020.09.24 / Work:2020.08.09←07.18
Front bumper&spoiler repaint 23

The rear bumper & spoiler and side skirts have been completed, and the area around the engine room has been cleaned up, so it's finally time to repaint the front bumper & spoiler.

There were some cracks and some parts that had come off, so I scraped off those parts until the base came out, and repeatedly polished and surfaced them using thin putty and plastic suff. This work is very difficult!

The two-stage lip spoiler is made by processing this genuine front bumper, so of course the curves are neatly aligned. (^_^)

Until now, it was all white, but this time I made the air intake area black by referring to the genuine coloring.

29. Front grill repaint

E:2020.09.23 / W:2020.07.25

28. Bonnet&striker cleaning

E:2020.09.22 / W:2020.07.12

27. Wire tuck right side

E:2020.09.21 / W:2020.07.10←06.28

26. Rust hole repair

E:2020.09.19 / W:2020.06.24←08

25. Wire tuck left side

E:2020.09.20 / W:2020.06.20

24. Engine head creaning

E:2020.09.18 / W:2020.06.07

23. Front section inner cleaning (left)

E:2020.09.15 / W:2020.05.31

22. Front section inner cleaning (right)

E:2020.09.13 / W:2020.05.24←16

21. Screw holes for the front grill

E:2020.09.12 / W:2020.05.16

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