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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン ダイハツ エッセ アイコン


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81. Thermometer with an original panel

E:2022.08.11 / W:2022.08.09←06

80. Fog lamp switch

Entry:2022.07.31 / Work:2022.07.25
HONDA CITY CABRIOLET TURBO2 : Remake a fog lamp switch 06

Since the engine starter switch was installed on the right side of the steering wheel, there was no place for the fog light switch that was in that location. Therefore, a vertical sign was created for it and installed in the empty space on the left side.

In the City, which is not a cabriolet, the rear wiper, washer, and defogger switches are located in this empty space.

The fog light switch originally installed in the City is non-illuminated, so I used a switch with a light bulb that was used (I think) in Honda's luxury cars in the 1990s.

I designed a sign for the switch and put a black sheet that was cut out with a cutter plotter on top of the white sheet so that the white part would glow.

The sign is not printed, so it is a little saggy, but that's OK. The light is nice.

Remake a fog lamp switch 05

The cutout sign and letters appear brighter when illuminated from the back. The original horizontal switch does not light.

Remake a fog lamp switch 04

The first one was a little too large, so we reworked it with a slightly smaller icon and set it in the appropriate position.

Remake a fog lamp switch 03

Apply a white cutting sheet sheet sheet to a thin transparent plastic sheet (used for packaging of some kind), apply a black cutting sheet with the perimeter and signature cut out with a cutter plotter, and cut along the perimeter.

Remake a fog lamp switch 02

Since the glowing part is this size, the sign was designed to mimic the stock fog light icon.

Remake a fog lamp switch 01

Install in a blank position. Not bad.

79. Main power and starter switch

E:2022.07.30 / W:2022.07.24

78. LED ring projector headlight

E:2022.07.18 / W:2022.07.17

77. CITY Meeting in Fukushima 202206

E:2022.07.02 / W:2022.06.19

76. Air intake tube

E:2022.06.12 / W:2022.06.12

75. 2022 HONDA in The Showa Era Meeting

E:2022.06.11 / W:2022.06.05

74. Light control system

E:2022.06.04 / W:2022.06.04

73. 34th MOONEYES Street Car Nationals

E:2022.05.22 / W:2022.05.15

72. Mirror writing sticker

E:2022.05.12 / W:2022.05.08

71. Bumper Cover Protector

E:2022.05.05 / W:2022.05.05←03.21

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