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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン ダイハツ エッセ アイコン


21. Position lamp function

E:2020.09.09 / W:2020.04.11

20. to white number plate

Entry:2020.09.07 / Work:2020.04.05←03
DAIHATSU ESSE Maintenance & Custom : replace to white number plate 09

In Japan, small cars (displacement 660cc) are basically decided as yellow license plates. However, to commemorate the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, a white license plate with the Olympic official mark will be issued if we pay for the support. So I paid it and got a white license plate of the model years number (same before)!! I think a white license plate looks good on this car. ;-)

replace to white number plate 08

 Not noticeable during the day.

replace to white number plate 07

 Front side...

replace to white number plate 06

Reflective stickers around the number frame and under and middle positions of the body.

replace to white number plate 05

The surroundings of the fixing screws and the outer circumference of the license plate are also shining.

replace to white number plate 04

If you look at it from a distance, you won't be able to tell if it's a remake sticker.

replace to white number plate 03

MOON's eyeball mark is made by overlapping the black seal on the reflective sticker base.

replace to white number plate 02

I also put a reflective seal line on the edge of the number plate.

replace to white number plate 01

Obtained a white number from the Light Motor Vehicle Inspection Association.

19. Reflective seals on the bottom

E:2020.09.05 / W:2020.03.22

18. Reflective seals on the top

E:2020.09.03 / W:2020.03.15

17. MOON DISC again

E:2020.09.03 / W:2020.02.15

16. Grand effects refitting

E:2020.09.02 / W:2020.02.14←09

15. White wheel & ribbon tire

E:2020.09.01 / W:2020.02.02

14. Body stripe upgrade

E:2020.08.31 / W:2020.01.18←13

13. Line to bonnet again

E:2020.08.16 / W:2018.10.21

12. Reset (all paint except roof)

E:2020.08.14 / W:2018.09.02

11. 16th Annual ALL ODDS Nationals

E:2020.06.05 / W:2013.09.08

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