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VW TYPE2 BUS WESTFALIA Maintenance and Custom records

シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン ダイハツ エッセ アイコン

« VW Type-2 LateBay BUS

In 2013, I got the long-awaited VW bus camper (luckily Yanase model ! so it is right-hand steering !!), so I'm recording about my favorite customize and modifications suitable for camping and traveling in the car. And VW events, camp and adventure. It's still going on ...

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33. 15inch steel wheels (white)

E:2019.07.23 / W:2015.04.05

32. Full flat bed

E:2019.07.22 / W:2015.03.28

31. Override (by self-made bracket)

E:2019.07.21 / W:2015.03.14

30. Pop up roof sound and heat insulation

E:2019.07.20 / W:2015.02.11

29. Magazine rack

E:2019.07.19 / W:2015.01.31

28. 15inch steel wheels

E:2019.07.18 / W:2015.01.18

27. Folding base for storage box

E:2019.07.17 / W:2015.01.04

26. VW CMC 14th East Meeting

E:2020.06.10 / W:2014.10.12←11

25. 2014' Halloween decorations

E:2019.10.09 / W:2014.10.11

24. Install Air heater (Eberspächer [B1LC])

E:2019.07.16 / W:2014.09.28

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