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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン エッセ アイコン


14. Body stripe upgrade

E:2020.08.31 / W:2020.01.18←13

13. Line to bonnet again

Entry:2020.08.16 / Work:2018.10.21
DAIHATSU ESSE CUSTOM : Line to bonnet again 03

I lost it after repainting, so I put the line on the bonnet again. This line was cut out with a cutter using a ruler and coins.

The concentration of the solution of neutral detergent (such as washing dishes) into a few drops in a glass of water. It is a good concentration if it spread without forming water dots when it sprayed on the car body.

Even if you put a seal on it, you can easily reposition it because there is this solution film between it, and bubbles and water can be easily pushed out.

12. Reset (all paint except roof)

E:2020.08.14 / W:2018.09.02

11. 16th Annual ALL ODDS Nationals

E:2020.06.05 / W:2013.09.08

10. For car show entry

E:2020.06.04 / W:2013.09.01

9. Blue light mounting

E:2020.06.03 / W:2013.08.25

8. Add side skirt

E:2020.05.30 / W:2012.04.22

7. 24th Street Car Nationals

E:2020.05.27 / W:2010.04.25

6. 23th Street Car Nationals

E:2020.05.26 / W:2009.04.26

5. Front spoiler

E:2020.05.25 / W:2009.04.19

4. Lower it further

E:2020.05.24 / W:2009.04.04

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