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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン エッセ アイコン


24. Lower again

E:2021.01.24 / W:2021.01.16

23. Height adjustment...

Entry:2021.01.04 / Work:2020.12.29
DAIHATSU ESSE CUSTOM : Vehicle height adjustment for vehicle inspection 07

I reviewed the vehicle height for the vehicle inspection soon after the beginning of the year.

The suspension is Tanabe's SUSTEC PRO GF, the front is about 2 cm above the lowest position, the rear is the lowest position within the vehicle height adjustment range, the side sill has a front-rear difference of about 1 cm (forward tilt), and the bottom of the frame is about 10 cm from the ground (In Japanese vehicle inspection, the minimum ground clearance must be 9cm or more). This is not bad either. ;-)

22. Tie rod end cover replacement

E:2020.12.29 / W:2020.12.27

21. Position lamp function

E:2020.09.09 / W:2020.04.11

20. to white number plate

E:2020.09.07 / W:2020.04.05←03

19. Reflective seals on the bottom

E:2020.09.05 / W:2020.03.22

18. Reflective seals on the top

E:2020.09.03 / W:2020.03.15

17. Grand effects refitting

E:2020.09.02 / W:2020.02.15←09

16. MOON DISC again

E:2020.09.03 / W:2020.02.15

15. White wheel & ribbon tire

E:2020.09.01 / W:2020.02.02

14. Body stripe upgrade

E:2020.08.31 / W:2020.01.18←13

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