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WORKS / Home & Parking lot

Parking lot entrance maintenance
(2021.04.28 / Made in 2021.04.27)

The walls on both sides of the parking lot entrance became shabby, so the outer wall was repainted, the OSB plywood was painted where it was damaged by the wind and rain, and the board material passed to the front of the extended roof was also painted. Finally, make a signboard to finish and attach it to complete! It looks good!

Set up a world map on the wall of the living room
(2021.04.28 / Made in 2021.04.25)

I got a wooden world map, so I painted the wall of the living room in blue like the sea and pasted the continents and islands.

Remake of the parking lot wall
(2019.06.23 / Made in 2017.01)

I rebuilt the parking lot wall, consideration of rainwater. The wooden board of the wall is only hooked to the pipe.

Repainting of the outer wall
(2019.06.22 / Repainted in 2018.05)

1. Cleaning with high pressure washer.
2. Repair of cracks with mortar.
3. Masking and repaint.

Dressing & Bath room floor renewal
(2019.06.22 / Made in 2016.05)

Ten years have passed, so I updated the floor carpet.

Making a wall to divide the room
(2019.06.23 / painted in 2016.02)

I divided the room of my two sons.
The second son helped me!

Lift up the carport roof (for the BUS !!)
(2019.06.30 / worked in 2012.04.29)

To make it possible for park the VW BUS... :-)
1. Get a frame of the same spec.
2. Cut out 6 pieces every 15 cm.
3. Remove the bolt & nut and lift the roof.
4. Insert additional frames.
5. Lower the roof, fix it. complete!!

- END -