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Photoshop, VW T2 BUS WESTFALIA BayWindow, Late Bay, Photo editing


WORKS / Photo editing

ESSE Italian police car specification
Logo make by Adobe Illustrator.
Photo Editing Adobe Photoshop.
(2021.02.22 / Edited in 2021.01.24)

I got a comment from a person of the mooneyes italy "look like an Italian police car's color", so I searched it... was certainly just like those!!
I bought s blue light, made a logo of letters, and set it.

Volks Wagen TYPE2 BUS (Baywindow) 6 Wheels
Photo Editing by Adobe Photoshop.
(2019.06.15 / Edited in 2019.04)

I fixed the camera and moved the bus back and forth to shoot and composite the photos.

6-Wheel T-2 BUS mixed
6-Wheel T-2 BUS front A × 6-Wheel T-2 BUS front B
6-Wheel T-2 BUS rear A × 6-Wheel T-2 BUS rear B

The back view was also taken and photo-processed in the same way.
Reality will increase by processing the reflection correctly.

Volks Wagen TYPE2 BUS (Baywindow) Low Low Down
Photo Editing by Adobe Photoshop.
(2019.06.15 / Edited in 2018.01)

I feel I want to come lower the height of the BUS when I switched to black steel wheels.
I fixed the camera, shot the background and the bus,
and combined them.

T-2 BUS Original × T-2 BUS back

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