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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン エッセ アイコン


145. Front blinker lens

E:2020.12.19 / W:2020.12.18←11.08

144. Headlight and LED bulb

Entry:2020.12.17 / Work:2020.12.17

At the same time as changing the headlight bulb from HID to LED, the headlight assembly was updated from the round base bulb type to the H4 type that is currently common in Japan.

This round type bulb is written H5 or H4E, which seems to be the standard for lights on older European cars, but I haven't looked into the details.

As you can see, the H4 type LED bulb selected this time is really simple compared to the HID unit! What's more, it's an excellent product that can change the emission color, such as white, white yellow (coloring like a filament bulb?), And yellow! And the brightness is not inferior to the conventional HID, and it is wonderful!

In the original filament sphere, it was very dark because the resistance became large due to the deterioration of the wiring, so I used to a relay and made it HID, but since the power consumption was reduced to less than half with this LED conversion, that relay was also could removed.
Technological progress is amazing!

143. Position lamp function

E:2020.12.13 / W:2020.12.05

142. License light lens replace

E:2020.11.28 / W:2020.11.08

141. Headlight cleaning

E:2020.10.10 / W:2020.09.19

140. Genuine type side strips

E:2020.09.30 / W:2020.08.03

139. Front floor mat renewal

E:2020.09.25 / W:2020.08.02

138. Tie rod end replacement

E:2020.09.14 / W:2020.05.30

137. Power steering

E:2020.05.06 / W:2020.05.03

136. Electronic ignitor

E:2020.04.30 / W:2020.04.29

135. License plate line

E:2020.09.08 / W:2020.04.12

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