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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン エッセ アイコン


62. Making a Awning frame 2

E:2019.08.17 / W:2016.09.17←11

61. Window glass & rail recombination

Entry:2019.08.16 / Work:2016.09.04
VW TYPE2 LateBay WESTFALIA : Window glass & rail recombination 05

Since the window glass came off the rail and could not be moved up and down, I repaired it. A general-purpose U-shaped rubber molding was fastened to glass with tape and pressed into the rail.

60. Making a Awning frame

E:2019.08.15 / W:2016.08.21

59. Ohira mountain VW Camp

E:2020.06.25 / W:2016.06.14←12

58. Calizawa caravan 2016

E:2020.06.21 / W:2016.05.29

57. Uchiyama farm camp site 2016

E:2020.06.20 / W:2016.05.15←14

56. Window Regulator handle Repair

E:2019.08.12 / W:2016.05.08

55. Tent connection base

E:2019.08.11 / W:2016.05.07

54. Camping at the foot of Mount Fuji

E:2020.06.17 / W:2016.05.01←04.29

53. Cars Mask partial change

E:2019.08.10 / W:2016.04.10

52. MSD DIGITAL 6A install

E:2020.06.16 / W:2016.03.19

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