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25. Rust hole repair

E:2020.09.19 / W:2020.06.24←08

24. Wire tuck left side

Entry:2020.09.20 / Work:2020.06.20
Challenge the wire tack 07 (photo)

When I was cleaning the engine room, I felt like I could do it myself, so I tried wire tack. The wiring connection coupler and the large resistor were pushed into the gap of the fender.The necessary wiring was routed from an inconspicuous place. The wiring to the wiper motor was passed through the frame under the wiper and pulled out from directly under the motor to connect.

23. Engine head creaning

E:2020.09.18 / W:2020.06.07

22. Front section inner cleaning (left)

E:2020.09.15 / W:2020.05.31

21. Front section inner cleaning (right)

E:2020.09.13 / W:2020.05.24←16

20. Screw holes for the front grill

E:2020.09.12 / W:2020.05.16

19. Rear bumper&under skirt remake

E:2020.09.11 / W:2020.05.10←05

18. Change the side skirt

E:2020.09.10 / W:2020.05.09←04

17. Wiring repair to fuel pump

E:2020.05.15 / W:2020.05.02

16. Height Adjustable Suspension

E:2020.05.14 / W:2019.04.21

15. Tire replace to 165/45/15inch

E:2020.08.23 / W:2019.04.15

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