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27. Bonnet&striker cleaning

E:2020.09.22 / W:2020.07.12

26. Wire tuck right side

Entry:2020.09.21 / Work:2020.07.10←06.28
Challenge the wire tack 23 (photo)

Since the left front was completed, I also tried the right, but it was a tough task. There are many electric lines, some long lines reach the left headlight, some are not long enough to pass through inconspicuous place. I considered the wiring line, and tried several times, extended the wire that was not long enough, and changed the position of the main fuse. It’s inconspicuous but it was a highly satisfying custom.

25. Rust hole repair

E:2020.09.19 / W:2020.06.24←08

24. Wire tuck left side

E:2020.09.20 / W:2020.06.20

23. Engine head creaning

E:2020.09.18 / W:2020.06.07

22. Front section inner cleaning (left)

E:2020.09.15 / W:2020.05.31

21. Front section inner cleaning (right)

E:2020.09.13 / W:2020.05.24←16

20. Screw holes for the front grill

E:2020.09.12 / W:2020.05.16

19. Rear bumper&under skirt remake

E:2020.09.11 / W:2020.05.10←05

18. Change the side skirt

E:2020.09.10 / W:2020.05.09←04

17. Wiring repair to fuel pump

E:2020.05.15 / W:2020.05.02

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