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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン エッセ アイコン


40. Soft top replace

E:2020.11.08 / W:2020.10.25 ← 24

39. Rear window glass assembly

Entry:2020.11.07 / Work:2020.10.24←09.13

About 20 years ago, I got a good soft top (but it rear part is not good condition) from a demolish yard, and 10 years ago I got a new one at Yahoo Auction, but since there was no Rear window glass assembly, I decided to make it.

First, I cut the fabric from the used soft top, aligned it, and proceeded to the point where I could sew it with a professional sewing machine. Next, I went to a friend's house who have an industrial sewing machine to help me sew a thick part.

After the suturing work is completed, cut out the place where the glass will enter and glue the metal frame (using the penguins cement 334C specified by the manufacturer).

I heard that Kongo rope is suitable for inserting glass (it seems to be a kind of knitting method), wrap it around the groove of the glass shield, pull the rope and put it in the frame...

I had a hard time adjusting the position after the glass was inserted, but I managed to fit it!!

38. Side skirt extension

E:2020.11.03 / W:2020.10.11←06

37. Reflection line

E:2020.11.06 / W:2020.10.11

36. Rear stabilizer adjustment

E:2020.11.02 / W:2020.10.01

35. Wheels 15inch → 16inch

E:2020.11.01 / W:2020.09.27

34. Clear blinker lens (Rear)

E:2020.10.30 / W:2020.09.12←08.03

33. CITY name plate

E:2020.10.24 / W:2020.09.06

32. 16inch wheel custom

E:2020.10.17 / W:2020.08.30

31. To multi reflector headlights

E:2020.09.27 / W:2020.08.26

30. Paint the air cleaner cover

E:2020.09.26 / W:2020.08.14←09

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