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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン エッセ アイコン


41. White/Black Steering wheel

E:2020.11.14 / W:2020.11.02←01

40. Soft top replace

Entry:2020.11.08 / Work:2020.10.25 ← 24
HONDA CITY CABRIOLET TURBO : Soft top replace 32

I tried to replace the soft top that I had been thinking for many years. While referring to the service manual, remove the soft top cloth from the back and replace the rear windshield assembly first... At this point, there are wrinkles around the rear window glass.

Remove the soft top that you have been using, put a new soft top cloth on roof, and temporarily fix it from the back side. The rubber of the band that pulls up the rear glass is stretched, so stuff it by hand sewing and reattach it.

The wires on both sides are threaded through using a metal rod for cleaning a wind instrument, the front side was fix with Penguin-cement (can be firmly glued), and the various parts were replaced to complete the installation !!

I closed the hood while feeling anticipation and anxiety... There is tension on the whole, wrinkles around the rear window glass are eliminated, and the overall finish is good! I am very happy! ️

This work was very difficult, because there were many first-time things and processes that could not be redone. Therefore, the joy of completion was very great!!a

39. Rear window glass assembly

E:2020.11.07 / W:2020.10.24←09.13

38. Side skirt extension

E:2020.11.03 / W:2020.10.11←06

37. Reflection line

E:2020.11.06 / W:2020.10.11

36. Rear stabilizer adjustment

E:2020.11.02 / W:2020.10.01

35. Wheels 15inch → 16inch

E:2020.11.01 / W:2020.09.27

34. Clear blinker lens (Rear)

E:2020.10.30 / W:2020.09.12←08.03

33. CITY name plate

E:2020.10.24 / W:2020.09.06

32. 16inch wheel custom

E:2020.10.17 / W:2020.08.30

31. To multi reflector headlights

E:2020.09.27 / W:2020.08.26

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