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55. Vehicle inspection

E:2021.10.06 / W:2021.10.04

54. Front full cover

Entry:2021.09.11 / Work:2021.09.05←07.25
HONDA CITY CABRIOLET TURBO : Making a full cover of the fender and headlight rim 31

I made covers for the bonnet, grille, and bumpers, so I finally started making fender covers (and for headlight rim). It was very difficult to match the shape. Remade more than 10 times.

I checked the shape, took it into my Mac, cut out the seal sheet with a cutter plotter, pasted it on the fabric, cut it, sewed it, and checked the shape again ... This process was repeated.

Finally, I put a magnet sheet on the back to smooth out the wrinkles, and made a blinker hole to complete it! ;-)

How do you like this face?

53. Bumper cover additional machining

E:2021.09.04 / W:2021.08.22

52. Bumper bra making

E:2021.08.20 / W:2021.08.15←7

51. Front grille cover

E:2021.08.07 / W:2021.08.01

50. Nose bra production

E:2021.08.01 / W:2021.07.31←25

49. Adjustment the rear glass position

E:2021.07.24 / W:2021.07.24←22

48. Daytime Running Light Dimming

E:2021.05.06 / W:2021.05.04

47. LED headlamp

E:2021.01.11 / W:2021.01.10

46. Roof spoiler

E:2020.12.30 / W:2020.11.30

45. Voltmeter installation

E:2020.12.12 / W:2020.11.29

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