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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン エッセ アイコン


45. Voltmeter installation

E:2020.12.12 / W:2020.11.29

44. Side marker function

Entry:2020.11.21 / Work:2020.11.08←02

A position lamp function has been added to the side blinkers. The side blinker of this car is a single filament bulb, so we realized that function by using an off-delay timer relay. When the position lamp is lit, it lights up with power supplied from the normal close line, and if there is a blinker input, it switches to the normally open blinker line and blinks. If there is no input for a certain period of time, it will return to the position line. I was able to confirm the expected operation in the experiment, so I put the board unit in the tapper and put it in the engine room for wiring.

The position lamp in the original front combination lamp is set to the daytime running lamp and automatically turns on / off when the engine starts / stops. A position lamp bulb was attached to the headlight. You may not like the color of the lights, but I like the marker lamp function for this side turn signal lamp. v(^_^)v

43. Molding trim for the soft top

E:2020.11.20 / W:2020.11.04

42. Torque rod insulator replace

E:2020.11.15 / W:2020.11.03

41. White/Black Steering wheel

E:2020.11.14 / W:2020.11.02←01

40. Soft top replace

E:2020.11.08 / W:2020.10.25 ← 24

39. Rear window glass assembly

E:2020.11.07 / W:2020.10.24←09.13

38. Side skirt extension

E:2020.11.03 / W:2020.10.11←06

37. Reflection line

E:2020.11.06 / W:2020.10.11

36. Rear stabilizer adjustment

E:2020.11.02 / W:2020.10.01

35. Wheels 15inch → 16inch

E:2020.11.01 / W:2020.09.27

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