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Original Sticker, Decal, Letter Cutting...

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Samples of self-made decals and stripes. After creating the data in Illustrator, I cut with a cutter plotter and put on there. Stickers create data, and printing is outsourced to specialty stores.

Racing stripe on to the bonnet roof

(Entry 2021.05.07 / Work 2021.05.07)

We put a racing stripe on the bonnet hood of the previous MINI (Designer's Choice).

MINI Designer's choice logo on the roof

(Entry 2020.10.31 / Work 2020.10.03)

Created the lost logo and pasted it on a MINI roof for my friend.

Decoration lines to a BUS body

(Entry 2020.03.16 / Work 2020.02.29)

In response to a BUS friend's request, I designed a decoration line, pasted a diamond pattern cut out in white on the black belt, and put white lines on the top and bottom, and put his favorite letters in front of the line. He is a dexterous person, so he put a sticker on the bus himself. It perfect for the atmosphere of this BUS!


(Entry 2019.06.22 / Work 2018.08)

This is a tribute to the original 'WESTFALIA' (My CamperBUS was made by WESTFALIA). Since I live in JAPAN = 'East' Asia. ;-)


(Entry 2019.06.22 / Work 2017.07)

I made character data and cut by cutting plotter. Red and yellow use a reflective sheet.


(Entry 2019.06.22 / Work 2015.11)

This is an old cutting plotter (over 25 years ago) And 1998' PowerBook 2400c for data transfer... Since it need a serial connection.

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