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« Wood works

Examples of created benches, folding shelves, book stands and tables by DIY.

I added wood table to Industrial comprehensive feed arm sewing machine.

(2021.06.04 / Made in 2021.06.03)

I wanted to make various things, so I bought a Industrial comprehensive feed arm sewing machine! By adding an optional table, it can be used as a flat sewing machine, but the table is too small, so I bought an additional base leg, extended it, and handed a wide board on top.

Magazine rack with dimmer LED

(2019.06.15 / Made in 2018.02)

I made a magazine rack because the space becomes smaller when I use a bookshelf. I stuck a LED tape on the back of the board to added dimming function.

Spandrel wall magazine stand

(2019.06.18 / Made in 2017.10)

When I was thinking about attaching a waist wall, I came up with it and made it a magazine rack.

Folding bench for CAMP

(2019.06.18 / Made in 2015.06)

I made a bench by combining different lengths of square lumber of the same size. When you fold your legs, they will fit on the seat and flatten.

Folding shelf for CAMP

(2019.06.21 / Made in 2014.08)

I added feet and divided the four-shelves divide a three-shelves and a one shelf.

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