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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン ダイハツ エッセ アイコン


80. Fog lamp switch

E:2022.07.31 / W:2022.07.25

79. Main power and starter switch

Entry:2022.07.30 / Work:2022.07.24

I had been longing for a push type engine starter switch, and the first time I made one was in June 2000. Use three relay, one for accessories power and the other for main power and the last one for turning the cell starter, and took the connector part of the wiring that extends to the key cylinder and wired them.

The unit which had been removed before for the semi-restoration that began in Golden Week, 2020, was reviewed, the wiring, which was previously wired with the help of connector terminals, was re connected this time by soldering and although the configuration was the same connected in parallel by interrupting to the wiring extending to the key cylinder.

The panel cut out of low foam PVC board is also used as it was, and it fits together nicely. I know it's not exactly unusual in today's cars, but this makes me feel good!

Renewed main power and starter switch 04

The wiring of the one made in 2000 was reviewed, soldered connections were made, and interrupted into the wiring extending to the key cylinder and connected in parallel with the key cylinder.

Renewed main power and starter switch 03

I recheck the wiring by comparing it to the energization pattern in the maintenance manual.

Renewed main power and starter switch 02

Confirming operation...

Renewed main power and starter switch 01

This was installed in 2000, and the wiring extending to the key cylinder was taken and connected.

78. LED ring projector headlight

E:2022.07.18 / W:2022.07.17

77. CITY Meeting in Fukushima 202206

E:2022.07.02 / W:2022.06.19

76. Air intake tube

E:2022.06.12 / W:2022.06.12

75. 2022 HONDA in The Showa Era Meeting

E:2022.06.11 / W:2022.06.05

74. Light control system

E:2022.06.04 / W:2022.06.04

73. 34th MOONEYES Street Car Nationals

E:2022.05.22 / W:2022.05.15

72. Mirror writing sticker

E:2022.05.12 / W:2022.05.08

71. Bumper Cover Protector

E:2022.05.05 / W:2022.05.05←03.21

70. ECU fixed base

E:2022.05.01 / W:2022.05.01←04.24

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