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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン ダイハツ エッセ アイコン


67. RECARO seat install

E:2021.12.11 / W:2021.12.04,05

66. RECARO seat custom

Entry:2021.12.04 / Work:2021.11.28

I got an old Recaro seat which was replaced with fake leather. I had kept the original fabric of the CITY, so I used it to cover the seat and back. I searched the internet for a way to disassemble the sheet and done it. I used an industrial sewing machine to fix the fabric and sewed it by hand too. It looks classical and cool!

RECARO seat custom 20

The edge of the seat also fits well.

RECARO seat custom 19

The back and seat are... so-so.

RECARO seat custom 18

The upper edge of the back pad fits neatly.

RECARO seat custom 17

Both sides of the seat are fixed with double-sided tape and tacker as well as the back pad.

RECARO seat custom 16

Finished sewing the front and back edges of the seat.

RECARO seat custom 15

Sew the basted part together with the original fabric from the back side.

RECARO seat custom 14

This is the rear edge of the seat. Temporarily sew it so that it does not shift.

RECARO seat custom 13

Sew three-dimensionally so that the tip of the seat is also covered.

RECARO seat custom 12

Wrap both sides to the back and fasten with double-sided tape and tacker.

RECARO seat custom 11

Do the same for the other sheet. The color of the cushion material is different??

RECARO seat custom 10

The fabric that will be wrapped around the back of the lower part of the back is sew on top of the fabric below.

RECARO seat custom 09

Sew around the edges of the upper back to prevent shifting. This is a shape that cannot be sewn by a sewing machine, so it sew by hand.

RECARO seat custom 08

The corners are stitched three-dimensionally so that they cover the pad.

RECARO seat custom 07

Since the length of the fabric is not enough, I added the fake leather in the hidden position.

RECARO seat custom 06

Since the fabric was removed from the back seat of the dismantled car, there is no room in the size, so I will consider the cutting method.

RECARO seat custom 05

Remove the seat and back pads.

RECARO seat custom 04

The shaft retaining pin on the rhino support is rusted.

RECARO seat custom 03

The left one is original and the right one seems to have been repaired with aftermarket parts.

RECARO seat custom 02

condition when obtained

RECARO seat custom 01


65. License lamp lens custom

E:2021.11.20 / W:2021.11.14

64. Structural color glass film

E:2021.11.13 / W:2021.11.07

63. Repair some tears

E:2021.11.08 / W:2021.11.03

62. CITY Meeting in Fukushima

E:2021.11.06 / W:2021.10.30

61. Logo decal on the body side

E:2021.10.31 / W:2021.10.29

60. Rear Reflection line redo

E:2021.10.24 / W:2021.10.23

59. 15inch wheel decoration

E:2021.10.23 / W:2021.10.17

58. Rear speaker update

E:2021.10.16 / W:2021.10.16

57. Side & rear line update

E:2021.10.10 / W:2021.10.10

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