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« VW Type-2 LateBay BUS

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42. Uchiyama farm camp site 2015

E:2020.06.14 / W:2015.10.25←24

41. Engine lid seal rubber replace

Entry:2020.06.12 / Work:2015.09.15
VW TYPE2 LATE BAY BUS WESTFALIA CAMPER : Engine lid seal rubber replace 02

I replaced the engine lid seal rubber.

It became hard to close to the point where the lock was applied.

Engine lid seal rubber replace 01

The old one had lost its elasticity and was stiff.

40. Changing muffler

E:2019.07.29 / W:2015.08.29

39. Head mount light

E:2019.07.28 / W:2015.08.13

38. Camping at the foot of Mount Fuji

E:2020.06.11 / W:2015.07.20←19

37. 2nd table board with aluminum plate

E:2019.07.27 / W:2015.07.12

36. Digital oil temp gauge

E:2019.07.26 / W:2015.05.24

35. Fog lamps & EASTFALIA lamp cover

E:2019.07.25 / W:2015.04.26

34. Rubber weatherstrip for louver window

E:2019.07.24 / W:2015.04.25

33. 15inch steel wheels (white)

E:2019.07.23 / W:2015.04.05

32. Full flat bed

E:2019.07.22 / W:2015.03.28

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