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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン ダイハツ エッセ アイコン ボルボ S60 アイコン


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87. Engine head cover

E:2022.09.10 / W:2022.09.10

86. Front blinker update

Entry:2022.09.04 / Work:2022.09.03

Following the rear turn signal, the front also reviewed the mounting method and improved visibility. Fix what was facing inward facing outward. I thought it would be better to put a reflective sticker on the front, so I decided to use it.

Front blinker light update 03

Since the position side is white and bright, I think that it is better to have a reflective sticker on the blinker.

Front blinker light update 02

If you compare it like this, the front will look dark without a reflective sticker, so I decided use a sticker.

Front blinker light update 01

I left a space so that I could use the original light bulbs, but decided to go with only the sequential blinkers and laid them out side by side.

85. Sequential turn signal lights

E:2022.09.03 / W:2022.08.30

84. Wheel rim sticker

E:2022.09.02 / W:2022.08.28

83. Clear blinker lens again

E:2022.08.20 / W:2022.08.20←06.04

82. Interior completed for now

E:2022.08.13 / W:2022.08.11

81. Thermometer with an original panel

E:2022.08.11 / W:2022.08.09←06

80. Fog lamp switch

E:2022.07.31 / W:2022.07.25

79. Main power and starter switch

E:2022.07.30 / W:2022.07.24

78. LED ring projector headlight

E:2022.07.18 / W:2022.07.17

77. CITY Meeting in Fukushima 202206

E:2022.07.02 / W:2022.06.19

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