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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン ダイハツ エッセ アイコン


89. Drive to Yokohama

E:2022.12.10 / W:2022.12.02,03

88. Night cruise in autumn 202210

Entry:2022.10.02 / Work:2022.10.01
HONDA CITY CABRIOLET TURBO2 : Night cruise in autumn 05

After a long time, I went for a drive at night. It's nice on a cool night! First, I went to a certain PA that closes at 20:30. Around 1990, when I started driving my CITY I used to go there on Saturday nights. It was fun to see cars of various genres that were freely remodeled.

Next is a certain place... Recently, I heard that many cars are coming and it is crowded, but there were some cars that seemed to come to shoot, but it was quiet.

87. Engine head cover

E:2022.09.10 / W:2022.09.10

86. Front blinker update

E:2022.09.04 / W:2022.09.03

85. Sequential turn signal lights

E:2022.09.03 / W:2022.08.30

84. Wheel rim sticker

E:2022.09.02 / W:2022.08.28

83. Clear blinker lens again

E:2022.08.20 / W:2022.08.20←06.04

82. Interior completed for now

E:2022.08.13 / W:2022.08.11

81. Thermometer with an original panel

E:2022.08.11 / W:2022.08.09←06

80. Fog lamp switch

E:2022.07.31 / W:2022.07.25

79. Main power and starter switch

E:2022.07.30 / W:2022.07.24

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