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A memorandum of my DAIHATSU ESSE CUSTOM 'Blue Rocket'

シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン ダイハツ エッセ アイコン


In 2007, I asked a DAIHATSU dealer look for this color, and this ESSE which was used as a test drive car at another dealer, came to my home. It's only for weekend shopping and strolling neighborhood, but it's fun! After all, I customized it. Cal-Look?

35. Bluetooth head unit

E:2023.09.17 / W:2023.09.16

34. Wash and polish

E:2023.07.09 / W:2023.07.09

33. Curb Indicators

E:2022.12.04 / W:2022.12.04

32. ESSE friends Meeting 202209

E:2022.09.25 / W:2022.09.25

31. Center armrest

E:2022.08.21 / W:2022.08.20

30. In/Out Digital thermometer

E:2022.08.08 / W:2022.08.08

29. 7th vehicle inspection

E:2022.03.19 / W:2022.03.19←01.16

28. Replaced side grand effects

E:2021.05.05 / W:2021.05.03←04.29

27. Front fender extension plate

E:2021.05.03 / W:2021.05.02

26. Rear wheelhouse liner

E:2021.04.17 / W:2021.04.11

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