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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン ダイハツ エッセ アイコン


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26. Rear wheelhouse liner

E:2021.04.17 / W:2021.04.11

25. Rear shock lower support

Entry:2021.02.27 / Work:2021.02.13
DAIHATSU ESSE Maintenance & Custom : Rear shock lower support 06

I found a parts called rear shock lower support which is for so in order to raise shock absorber of a low downed ESSE upright and improve movement. But it's a little expensive and I may not feel the different. Therefore, I tried to make it with general-purpose parts sold at hardware stores. And the result is ... as I expected, I didn't feel the difference of it!

Finally it was removed.

Rear shock lower support 05

Self-made rear shock lower support.

Rear shock lower support 04

This is the original state.

Rear shock lower support 03

Consists of parts available at home centers.

Rear shock lower support 02

It is installed like this.

Rear shock lower support 01

Edited from images taken from the internet.

24. Lower again

E:2021.01.24 / W:2021.01.16

23. Height adjustment...

E:2021.01.04 / W:2020.12.29

22. Tie rod end cover replacement

E:2020.12.29 / W:2020.12.27

21. Position lamp function

E:2020.09.09 / W:2020.04.11

20. to white number plate

E:2020.09.07 / W:2020.04.05←03

19. Reflective seals on the bottom

E:2020.09.05 / W:2020.03.22

18. Reflective seals on the top

E:2020.09.03 / W:2020.03.15

17. MOON DISC again

E:2020.09.03 / W:2020.02.15

16. Grand effects refitting

E:2020.09.02 / W:2020.02.14←09

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