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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン ダイハツ エッセ アイコン ボルボ S60 アイコン


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97. Vehicle inspection 2

E:2023.09.16 / W:2023.09.15

96. PGM-FI error

Entry:2023.07.30 / Work:2023.07.30
HONDA CITY CABRIOLET TURBO2 : Checking the PGM-FI self-diagnostic lamp 03

The engine stopped while idling, and when it restarted, the rotation did not rise. The output of the engine is unstable, and it can only run slowly. I thought that the fuel line might be clogged, so I asked a friend who was in the same car, and he said that the self-diagnosis of PGM-FI might be malfunctioning. When I checked the PGM-FI self-diagnostic lamps, two of the four were lit.

I followed the advice that the error might be resolved by reconnecting the connector inserted in the PGM-FI, and when I tried it, the symptoms were improved. He who gave me the advice said he had this problem once in the past and it hasn't happened since. For me too, I want it to be this one time.

Checking the PGM-FI self-diagnostic lamp 02

Under normal conditions, the check lamps are all off even if the key is turned on.

Checking the PGM-FI self-diagnostic lamp 01

PGM-FI box set under the chair. I took a picture with a flash, so it looks like all the lamps are on, but they are off.

95. Evaporator condition check

E:2023.07.08 / W:2023.07.08

94. Bumper Cover Protector (remake)

E:2023.06.18 / W:2023.06.11

93. 2023 HONDA in The Showa Era Meeting

E:2023.06.11 / W:2023.06.04

92. CARTUNE Pick Up Cars 2023

E:2023.06.10 / W:2023.05.28

91. Replaced rear suspension rubbers.

E:2023.05.21 / W:2023.05.14

90. Steering wheel & Shift knob

E:2023.04.16 / W:2023.04.15

89. Drive to Yokohama

E:2022.12.10 / W:2022.12.02,03

88. Night cruise in autumn 202210

E:2022.10.02 / W:2022.10.01

87. Engine head cover

E:2022.09.10 / W:2022.09.10

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