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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン ダイハツ エッセ アイコン ボルボ S60 アイコン


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37. Reflection line

E:2020.11.06 / W:2020.10.11

36. Rear stabilizer adjustment

Entry:2020.11.02 / Work:2020.10.01
HONDA CITY CABRIOLET TURBO2 : Rear stabilizer mounting position adjustment 04

Due to the lowdown, the rod connecting the rear stabilizer and the lower arm was slanted and loaded, so I adjusted it. The mounting position could changed by reversing the hole position of the bracket that secures the stabilizer to the frame, so the connecting rod became vertical and the vehicle height dropped a little. The original bush was considerably deformed, so I changed it to a urethane bush.

Rear stabilizer mounting position adjustment 03

This is the original state, with the connecting part of the link leaning forward.

Rear stabilizer mounting position adjustment 02

The hole position is processed so that it can be replaced back and forth.

Rear stabilizer mounting position adjustment 01

Crushed rubber bush.

35. Wheels 15inch → 16inch

E:2020.11.01 / W:2020.09.27

34. Clear blinker lens (Rear)

E:2020.10.30 / W:2020.09.12←08.03

33. CITY name plate

E:2020.10.24 / W:2020.09.06

32. 16inch wheel custom

E:2020.10.17 / W:2020.08.30

31. To multi reflector headlights

E:2020.09.27 / W:2020.08.26

30. Paint the air cleaner cover

E:2020.09.26 / W:2020.08.14←09

29. Front bumper&spoiler repaint

E:2020.09.24 / W:2020.08.09←07.18

28. Front grille repaint

E:2020.09.23 / W:2020.07.25

27. Bonnet&striker cleaning

E:2020.09.22 / W:2020.07.12

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