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35. Bluetooth head unit

Entry:2023.09.17 / Work:2023.09.16
DAIHATSU ESSE Maintenance & Custom : Change to a 1DIN Bluetooth head unit 07

I replaced the genuine audio head with a 1DIN size Bluetooth head unit. For a long time, I only used the car to go shopping around the neighborhood on weekends, so I leaved it as the original unit. For the past few years, I've been listening to music on a genuine FM radio by plugging a Bluetooth transmitter into a cigarette lighter socket and connecting my iPhone, but the noise gets louder when I turn up the volume.

Previously, I thought my Bluetooth head unit was broken, so I bought a new one to replace it, but it turns out it wasn't. I remembered that, so I decided to replace the original unit with the one I had in storage.

I obtained the outer panel for the factory option 2DIN navigation system, which is necessary for replacing the head unit. At the same time, I got the special metal fittings, connection harness, spacers to fill the gaps on the left and right sides, and a 1DIN size storage box.

As for the replacement work, it was easy to complete, requiring only a little force to remove the panel and no machining required.

I thought about replacing the speakers, but after replacing the head unit and adjusting the sound quality, the sound was good, so I will continue to use it as is for the time being.

Change to a 1DIN Bluetooth head unit 06

The hands-free microphone is fixed to the base of the wiper switch lever. The movement of the lever was not obstructed and fit neatly.

Change to a 1DIN Bluetooth head unit 05

Finally, put the cover on and push it in.

Change to a 1DIN Bluetooth head unit 04

Remove the genuine head unit and fix the 1DIN Bluetooth head unit, storage box, and left and right spacers together.

Change to a 1DIN Bluetooth head unit 03

The outer panel containing the air conditioner vent can be removed by pulling it forward. When I opened the glove box, I could put my hand on the bottom left corner, so I pulled it out from there.

Change to a 1DIN Bluetooth head unit 02

In original condition. CD player and FM/AM radio. At worst, it's unnecessarily big but at best, the knobs, switches, and signs are big, and it's a universal design.

Change to a 1DIN Bluetooth head unit 01

This is the panel for 2DIN/2DIN wide navigation, and the lower part is connected. 1DIN storage box, left and right spacers, fixing hardware, conversion harness.

34. Wash and polish

E:2023.07.09 / W:2023.07.09

33. Curb Indicators

E:2022.12.04 / W:2022.12.04

32. ESSE friends Meeting 202209

E:2022.09.25 / W:2022.09.25

31. Center armrest

E:2022.08.21 / W:2022.08.20

30. In/Out Digital thermometer

E:2022.08.08 / W:2022.08.08

29. 7th vehicle inspection

E:2022.03.19 / W:2022.03.19←01.16

28. Replaced side grand effects

E:2021.05.05 / W:2021.05.03←04.29

27. Front fender extension plate

E:2021.05.03 / W:2021.05.02

26. Rear wheelhouse liner

E:2021.04.17 / W:2021.04.11

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