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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン ダイハツ エッセ アイコン

« VW Type-2 LateBay BUS

156. Western Japan Road Trip

E:2022.11.12 / W:2022.11.04←10.30

155. Blazecut

Entry:2022.10.11 / Work:2022.10.10

I installed BLAZE CUT / Automatic fire suppression system, which I have been interested in for a long time.

When I sent it to repair the fuel gauge, there was an early bus that had caught fire somewhere, and I heard that they recently had a Blaze Cut in stock, so I asked for it immediately. Maker seems to recommend 2m for the Beetle, and 4m for the bus, but it's the same engine both, and this tube is actually quite hard, and it's hard to run that length on the top of engine room, so I choiced it 2m.

Blazecut install 04

The tube wraps around both carburetors and pulls the center towards back to hold it.

Blazecut install 03

I understood that when the temperature rises, the pressure inside the tube increases, and if it exceeds the tolerance, it bursts.

Blazecut install 02

I set it so that I can see the pressure gauge.

Blazecut install 01

Here is the box it was in.

154. Fuel sending unit

E:2022.10.10 / W:2022.10.09←01

153. In/Out thermometer with an original base

E:2022.08.12 / W:2022.08.10

152. Ohira-mountain VW Camp 2022

E:2022.05.28 / W:2022.05.22←21

151. 3rd Flat (4) night cruise

E:2021.11.14 / W:2021.21.13

150. Orange meeting in Haruna lake

E:2021.11.07 / W:2021.10.31

149. Camp in Tomoegawa

E:2021.10.30 / W:2021.10.25, 24

148. Camp in Wild Village

E:2021.04.04 / W:2021.04.03-04

147. Maintenance with SILVER REST

E:2021.03.21 / W:2021.03.20←7

146. Renewed shock absorber

E:2021.03.06 / W:2021.02.11←07

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