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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン ダイハツ エッセ アイコン ボルボ S60 アイコン

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147. Maintenance with SILVER REST 2021

E:2021.03.21 / W:2021.03.20←7

146. Renewed shock absorber

Entry:2021.03.06 / Work:2021.02.11←07
VW TYPE2 LATE BAY BUS WESTFALIA CAMPER : Renewed shock absorber 12

I was worried about the left and right shaking, so I replaced the shock absorber. Originally VW genuine, this time made by SACHS... It's a little thin... does it enough work?? The collar under the front remained and I couldn't pull it out, so I bought a pipe wrench and removed it.

Renewed shock absorber 11

BOGE? This was a genuine VolksWagen.

Renewed shock absorber 10

The new front is also thinner.

Renewed shock absorber 09

I grabbed it with a pipe wrench and hit it with a hammer and it came off.

Renewed shock absorber 08

I ended up buying a pipe wrench.

Renewed shock absorber 07

And this collar attached to the lower screw never comes off.

Renewed shock absorber 06

I wonder if it was the bolt that holds the front and rear tops together?

Renewed shock absorber 05

I will replace the front next.

Renewed shock absorber 04

Rear shock absorber, set complete.

Renewed shock absorber 03

The new ones are thinner. Is there any problem with strength?

Renewed shock absorber 02

Start with the rear. How many miles and years has it been in use?

Renewed shock absorber 01

For front and rear. Feels good to be new.

145. Front blinker lens

E:2020.12.19 / W:2020.12.18←11.08

144. Headlight and LED bulb

E:2020.12.17 / W:2020.12.17

143. Position lamp function

E:2020.12.13 / W:2020.12.05

142. License light lens replace

E:2020.11.28 / W:2020.11.08

141. Headlight cleaning

E:2020.10.10 / W:2020.09.19

140. Genuine type side strips

E:2020.09.30 / W:2020.08.03

139. Front floor mat renewal

E:2020.09.25 / W:2020.08.02

138. Tie rod end replacement

E:2020.09.14 / W:2020.05.30

137. Power steering

E:2020.05.06 / W:2020.05.03

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