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140. Genuine type side strips

E:2020.09.30 / W:2020.08.03

139. Front floor mat renewal

Entry:2020.09.25 / Work:2020.08.02
VW TYPE2 LATE BAY BUS WESTFALIA CAMPER : Front floor mat renewal 17

I think the original front floor mat was probably made by Westfalia to the specifications of this camper, and the orange color for the right steering cars is must be very rare.

However, is it aged deterioration, the edging is tattered, and the lining is rubber? resin? I was harden and the surroundings were warped, and there were some discolorations and darkening, so I was thinking that wanted to renew it someday.

I've been looking for it for a long time, but I couldn't find the orange mat because there weren't many mats for the right steering wheel in the first place. A few years later, I finally found a shop in the Netherlands that specializes in replicating Westfalia buses that sell orange floor mats.

I received a reply that they can make a mat for the right steering BUS, so I ordered it together with two other parts. I ordered in January, and the package arrived in May. It took an unthinkable amount of time in Japan. haha!!

When I opened it, it did not contain the other two parts I ordered, and for the mat, the way to make holes for the side brakes, steering column, pedal arms, etc. is seems to all like freehand. So, the place that should be a straight line was crooked, and the hole position was also misaligned, which was a shame.So I asked the shop that the other two parts are not included, and the basic shape and edging of the carpet are good, but the inner cut line was in a disappointing state, so I want to get an uncut version and cut it myself. And three months later, along with the other two parts, I received an orange uncut floor mat for the right steering BUS.

This time as well, the central part had been cutted freehand as before, so I adjusted the shape to be symmetrical. And the other parts were carefully positioned and cut, so they matched perfectly. At that time, I was changing from a genuine steering wheel to a steering wheel with power assist, so I was lucky to do this redoing work.

Finally, the rubber grip sheet is transplanted from the original mat to complete! The shades match, and that looks great!!

Front floor mat renewal 16

I was a little worried about the fluorescent orange border, but overall it's good.

Front floor mat renewal 15

It felt pretty good, and I was able to port it successfully.

Front floor mat renewal 14

Apply bond, press with a roller, and remove the masking tape.

Front floor mat renewal 13

Put masking tape on the outer circumference so that even if the bond protrudes, it can be removed.

Front floor mat renewal 12

Remove pad from new carpet.

Front floor mat renewal 11

I put bleach on it again, wrapped it in plastic wrap and left it for a day.

Front floor mat renewal 10

I cleaned it up a bit and then took it off.

Front floor mat renewal 09

Try cleaning with detergent or bleach using a brush.

Front floor mat renewal 08

The pad on the original carpet are dirty but not worn.

Front floor mat renewal 07

Use a punch to punch round holes for the pedal rods to pass through.

Front floor mat renewal 06

Check the exact position before cutting.

Front floor mat renewal 05

The interruption was the one that arrived first and was corrected, and the one in front was supposed to be the uncut that arrived later.

Front floor mat renewal 04

Cut the base of the shift lever into a circle that matches the shape of the shifter that is currently installed.

Front floor mat renewal 03

Why is the position of the accelerator pedal hole shown different?

Front floor mat renewal 02

The shape and position of the foot pads are disappointing.

Front floor mat renewal 01

The carpet arrived rolled into a tube.

138. Tie rod end replacement

E:2020.09.14 / W:2020.05.30

137. Power steering

E:2020.05.06 / W:2020.05.03

136. Electronic ignitor

E:2020.04.30 / W:2020.04.29

135. License plate line

E:2020.09.08 / W:2020.04.12

134. Decoration line to a BUS body

E:2020.03.15 / W:2020.02.29

133. Bone arm sticker

E:2020.01.13 / W:2020.01.12

132. VW friends camp in Sekishuku

E:2020.08.30 / W:2019.12.16←15

131. BUS Adventure 2019

E:2020.08.29 / W:2019.11.12

130. Pumpkin high mount lamp

E:2020.01.07 / W:2019.11.02←2015.12.29

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