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シティカブリオレ アイコン VW タイプ2 バス アイコン ダイハツ エッセ アイコン ボルボ S60 アイコン

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137. Power steering

E:2020.05.06 / W:2020.05.03

136. Electronic ignitor

Entry:2020.04.30 / Work:2020.04.29
VW TYPE2 LATE BAY BUS WESTFALIA CAMPER : Electronic ignitor install 07

I replaced the distributor points with electronic igniters.
(PerTronix 1847V Ignitor Bosch 4 cyl Vacuum)
I have set up both the MSD6AL and this igniter on my BUS.

PS: After that, during a long-distance trip around in the latter half of October, I had a symptom of intermittent misfire without any warning. Also, when I returned to and ran in the neighborhood, I sometimes had symptoms. After returning to the point formula, no symptoms have occurred. I didn't feel the difference in performance so much, and it's better to be able to run with peace of mind.

Electronic ignitor install 06

Set and check operation. It looks okay. The coil on the upper left is used with the MSD.

Electronic ignitor install 05

However, it doesn't look good. It's temporary.

Electronic ignitor install 04

Since this is a spare coil, use only the negative terminal, and connect the positive side independently.

Electronic ignitor install 03

Multiple wires come together, so two general unidirectional flat terminals are docked to the male flat terminal 3-branch type.

Electronic ignitor install 02

Remove the points and condenser from the distributor.

Electronic ignitor install 01

Here is the package and contents.

135. License plate line

E:2020.09.08 / W:2020.04.12

134. Decoration line to a BUS body

E:2020.03.15 / W:2020.02.29

133. Bone arm sticker

E:2020.01.13 / W:2020.01.12

132. VW friends camp in Sekishuku

E:2020.08.30 / W:2019.12.16←15

131. BUS Adventure 2019

E:2020.08.29 / W:2019.11.12

130. Pumpkin high mount lamp

E:2020.01.07 / W:2019.11.02←2015.12.29

129. Entry to Go mountain VWs 4

E:2020.08.27 / W:2019.10.06

128. Brake servo install

E:2020.01.06 / W:2019.09.21

127. Spot cooler install 2

E:2020.01.05 / W:2019.09.01

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